All Bar One Menu And Hours In The UK

If you are looking for a place to have a delicious and satisfying breakfast, you might want to consider All Bar One. All Bar One is a stylish and modern pub chain that offers a range of dishes and drinks for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. They have over 50 locations across the UK, and they are open every day from 9 am to 11 pm.

The All Bar One breakfast is just one part of the extensive All Bar One menu, which offers a variety of options for every meal of the day. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast, a light brunch, or a sumptuous dinner, their menu caters to all tastes and preferences. Complementing your meal choice, the All Bar One drinks menu includes everything from morning coffees to evening cocktails.

Founded in 1994, All Bar One aimed to create a welcoming space for people to enjoy quality food and drink. Committed to excellent service, fresh ingredients, and responsible sourcing, they offer this high-quality dining experience at reasonable All Bar One prices, making it a go-to destination for those who value both quality and affordability.

All Bar One Menu
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All Bar One Breakfast Hours In The UK

If you are wondering when you can enjoy the delicious breakfast dishes at All Bar One, you will be happy to know that they are open every day from 9 am to 11 pm. However, their All Bar One breakfast hours may vary depending on the day of the week and the location. Here’s a quick reference table for their general breakfast hours:

Day of the WeekBreakfast Hours
Monday to Friday10 am to 12 pm
Saturday and Sunday10 am to 1 pm

These are the times when you can order from their All Bar One menu, which includes a variety of cooked, continental, vegan, and gluten-free options. You can also enjoy unlimited refills of tea, coffee, and juice during these hours.

However, some items from their breakfast menu are available all day long, such as the smashed avocado toast, the eggs benedict, and the pancakes. So, if you miss the breakfast hours, you can still have a tasty and satisfying meal at All Bar One.

Please note that the breakfast hours may change with location, so make sure you check the All Bar One opening times on their website or call the nearest All Bar One before you visit. You can also book a table online or order delivery through Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

All Bar One Breakfast Menu In The UK

If you are looking for a delicious and satisfying breakfast, you will love the All Bar One breakfast menu. They have a variety of dishes to suit every taste and preference, from cooked to continental, from vegan to gluten-free. You can also enjoy unlimited refills of tea, coffee, and juice, as well as free Wi-Fi and newspapers.

Here’s a quick look at some of the dishes and their prices from the All Bar One menu:

The Full BreakfastBritish pork sausages, baked beans, tomato, roasted mushroom, smoked streaky bacon, free-range eggs, toasted sourdough£9.50
The Veggie BreakfastLinda McCartney vegetarian sausages, baked beans, roasted mushroom, beetroot hash, free-range eggs, tomato, toasted sourdough£8.95
The Vegan BreakfastScrambled tofu with spinach, chickpea stew, tomato, roasted mushroom, avocado, vegan sausages, beetroot hash£8.95
Eggs BenedictToasted English muffin, ham, lemon hollandaise, poached free-range eggs, omega & sesame seed sprinkle£8.50
Eggs FlorentineToasted English muffin, roasted mushrooms, poached free-range eggs, sautéed spinach, omega & sesame seed sprinkle, lemon hollandaise£7.95
Chorizo Egg PotSmashed avocado, chili, crumbled feta, free-range poached eggs, chorizo£5.95
Eggs RoyaleToasted English muffin, poached free-range eggs, omega & sesame seed sprinkle, smoked salmon, lemon hollandaise£8.50
Smashed Avocado & Feta SourdoughToasted sourdough bread, smashed avocado, chili, spring onion, coriander£7.95
Protein Egg PotSmashed avocado, free-range poached eggs, spicy chickpeas, crumbled feta, chili£5.95
Bacon SandwichSmoked streaky bacon, tomato sauce£6.50
Sausage SandwichBritish pork sausages (or veggie sausages), tomato sauce£6.50
Sweet Belgian WafflesMaple syrup, strawberries, banana, blueberry compote, Greek-style yoghurt£6.95

These are just some of the dishes that you can find on the All Bar One breakfast menu. You can also mix and match different items to create your own customized breakfast. Alongside, the All Bar One drinks menu complements your meal with a selection of coffees, teas, and juices.

You can view the full All Bar One menu or order online on their website. Additionally, All Bar One prices ensure that you enjoy a high-quality breakfast experience without straining your budget.

All items are not available every day, and prices may vary.

One of the best things about All Bar One is its breakfast menu, which offers a variety of dishes and drinks that will satisfy your taste buds and your appetite. Whether you are looking for a cooked, continental, vegan, or gluten-free breakfast, you will find it at All Bar One.

You will also be impressed by the quality, freshness, and value of their food and beverages. Here are some of the dishes and their prices that you can find on their breakfast menu:

  • Extras: If you want to add some extra items to your breakfast, you can choose from sourdough, smoked streaky bacon, avocado, mushrooms, feta, or chorizo. Each item costs £1.50 or £2.00, depending on the item.
  • Pastries: If you prefer a sweet treat for your breakfast, you can opt for a croissant, a blueberry muffin, or a pain au chocolat. Each pastry costs £2.95 and comes with butter and jam.
  • Drinks: All Bar One has a range of drinks to quench your thirst and boost your mood. You can choose from feel-good smoothies, such as the Super C, the Avo-Go-Go, or the Berry Blast, which cost £3.95 each. You can also enjoy unlimited refills of tea, coffee, and juice during the breakfast hours. If you want something more alcoholic, you can try their cocktails, such as the Bloody Mary, the Aperol Spritz, or the Bellini, which cost £5.00 each.

These are just some of the dishes and drinks that you can find on the All Bar One breakfast menu. You can also enjoy some of their unlimited options, such as the continental breakfast, which includes a selection of breads, pastries, cereals, fruits, yogurts, and cheeses, or the bottomless brunch, which includes a main dish and unlimited prosecco, CÎroc Bloody Marys, or mimosas. You can view the full menu or order online on their website here. You will surely find something that you love at All Bar One.

Contact All Bar One

If you are interested in booking the All Bar One brunch, or if you have any questions or feedback, you can contact All Bar One through the following channels:

Phone Contact: For direct and immediate assistance, customers can reach All Bar One by calling 0121 236 4417. A team of friendly staff members is available to address inquiries, take reservations, and provide support.

Email Communication: For those who prefer email communication, inquiries, and feedback can be directed to The All Bar One team endeavors to respond promptly to all email correspondences.

Social Media Engagement: Customers can also connect with All Bar One on various social media platforms. By following All Bar One on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, customers can stay updated on the latest news, special offers, and events.

Website Accessibility: For comprehensive information including location finding, table bookings, menu viewing, online ordering, or leaving feedback, customers are encouraged to visit the All Bar One website. The website offers a user-friendly interface for all these needs.

All Bar One is committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable customer experience, both online and in their establishments.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this content and learned more about the benefits of choosing All Bar One for your breakfast. All Bar One is a chain of pubs and clubs that offers a variety of food and drink options, as well as a special brunch offer on weekends.

You can enjoy their high-quality, fresh, and delicious dishes, as well as their unlimited drinks, cocktails, and smoothies. You can also enjoy their free Wi-Fi, newspapers, and event services. All Bar One is a place where you can have a great time with your friends and family, or relax and unwind by yourself.

We’ve explored the delightful offerings at All Bar One for breakfast and brunch, highlighting their diverse menu and cozy ambiance. But the world of pubs and bars serving breakfast extends beyond just this popular chain. If you’re looking to explore more options in the UK, two notable mentions come to mind.

Firstly, if you’re someone who enjoys the unique combination of travel and dining, you might find the Stena Line breakfast menu intriguing. Their breakfast options cater to early-morning travelers, offering a delightful start to your journey. With a variety of choices, it’s an experience that aligns perfectly with a leisurely cruise or a brisk morning commute.

For those who prefer a more traditional pub setting, the Hungry Horse breakfast provides a hearty start to the day. Known for its generous portions and friendly atmosphere, it’s a great choice for family breakfasts or casual morning meet-ups with friends.

And for those of you who are passionate about exploring the best breakfast spots in pubs and bars, we’ve got just the thing. Dive deeper into this culinary journey with our dedicated Pubs and Bars hub. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of information, from hidden gems to popular hotspots, ensuring your breakfast adventures are both delicious and diverse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For All Bar One Menu And Hours In The UK

What are the breakfast hours at All Bar One in the UK?

The breakfast hours at All Bar One in the UK are from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 10:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Does All Bar One offer a vegan breakfast option?

Yes, All Bar One provides a vegan breakfast option that includes scrambled tofu with spinach, chickpea stew, tomato, roasted mushroom, avocado, vegan sausages, and beetroot hash.

Is there a bottomless brunch option available at All Bar One during weekends?

Yes, All Bar One offers a Weekend Bottomless Brunch with unlimited Prosecco, CÎroc Bloody Marys, or Mimosas, available every Saturday and Sunday between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Can I get an all-day breakfast at All Bar One?

Some items from the breakfast menu at All Bar One are available all day, though the full breakfast menu is only available during the specified breakfast hours.

What are some of the signature breakfast dishes at All Bar One?

Signature dishes at All Bar One’s breakfast include The Full Breakfast, The Veggie Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, and Smashed Avocado & Feta Sourdough.

Are there gluten-free options available in the All Bar One breakfast menu?

The breakfast menu at All Bar One does include gluten-free options. However, it’s recommended to check with the staff for specific dishes that meet gluten-free requirements.

How much does a typical breakfast dish cost at All Bar One?

Breakfast dishes at All Bar One range in price, with items like The Full Breakfast costing £9.50 and Eggs Florentine at £7.95, indicating a moderate price range.

Is it necessary to pre-book for the Weekend Bottomless Brunch at All Bar One?

Yes, it is recommended to pre-book for the Weekend Bottomless Brunch at All Bar One to ensure availability.

What types of drinks are available with the All Bar One breakfast?

All Bar One offers a range of drinks with its breakfast, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and cocktails like Bloody Mary, Aperol Spritz, and Bellini.

Does All Bar One offer takeout or delivery options for breakfast?

For information about takeout or delivery options, it’s best to contact the specific All Bar One location or check their official website.

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