Chai Wala Breakfast Menu And Hours In The UK

Are you a fan of Indian street food? Do you love the aroma and taste of masala chai? Do you want to start your day with a desi breakfast that will make you feel energized and satisfied? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out Chaii Wala, the UK’s leading chai cafe that offers a variety of delicious and authentic dishes, drinks, and desserts.

One of the things that makes Chai Wala stand out from other breakfast places is its breakfast menu, which features a range of dishes that are inspired by the street eats of India. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, spicy or mild, hot or cold, you will find something to suit your taste buds and mood. Their breakfast menu is available from 10 am to 12 pm every day, and the prices are very reasonable, starting from £5.

In this blog post, we will tell you more about Chaii Wala, its breakfast menu and hours, and its locations in the UK. We will also share some of the benefits and advantages of choosing Chai Wala for your breakfast, and some of the problems and questions that people might have about their products and services. We will also provide you with some links and resources to help you learn more about Chai Wala, Indian street food recipes, and Indian cuisine.

Chai Wala
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Chai Wala Breakfast Hours In The UK

One of the most important aspects of enjoying Indian street food is the timing. You want to catch the freshest and most authentic flavors, and also avoid the long queues and crowds. That’s why you need to know the breakfast hours of Chaii Wala, the leading chai cafe in the UK. Whether you’re craving a hot cup of Karak Chaii, a crispy paratha, or a filling Bombay bowl, you’ll find it at Chai Wala, along with many other delicious options from their breakfast menu.

Here’s a table that shows the general breakfast hours of Chai Wala stores in the UK, for each day of the week:


However, there may be some exceptions or variations for holidays or special occasions. For example, some stores may open earlier or close later on weekends, or have different hours on bank holidays or festive seasons. To avoid any disappointment, it’s always best to check the website or call the store before you visit.

Chai Wala has chosen these hours to cater to different customers’ needs and preferences. Some people like to start their day early with a hearty desi breakfast, while others prefer to have a late brunch or a mid-morning snack. Some people like to enjoy their breakfast in the cozy and vibrant atmosphere of the chai cafe, while others like to take it away or have it delivered. Whatever your preference, Chai Wala has you covered.

If you’re wondering what the best time to visit Chaii Wala is, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to avoid the rush and have a quiet and relaxing breakfast, you might want to go early in the morning, before 9 am. If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of street eats within a unique South Asian cuisine, you might want to go later in the morning, around 10:30 am. If you want to have a quick bite or a takeaway, you might want to go close to noon, before the lunch menu starts.

No matter when you visit Chaii Wala, you can expect to receive excellent service, quality, and atmosphere. The staff are friendly and helpful, the food is fresh and tasty, and the cafe is clean and colorful. You’ll feel like you’re in India, with the aroma of masala chai, the sound of roti rolls, and the sight of roti desserts. You’ll also feel good about supporting a franchise that cares about sustainability and social responsibility.

Chai Wala Breakfast Menu In The UK

If you are a fan of Indian street food, you will love Chaii Wala, the UK’s leading chai cafe chain. Chai Wala offers a range of delicious and authentic dishes, drinks, and desserts that will transport you to the bustling streets of India. Whether you are looking for a hearty desi breakfast, a quick bite, or a sweet treat, Chai Wala has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of Chaii Wala is their breakfast menu, which is available from 10 am to 12 pm every day. Their breakfast menu features six dishes, each priced at £5, that will fill you up and energize you for the day. You can choose from:

Desi BreakfastMasala omelet with masala beans, daal or chana, classic rotis/parathas/toast, and Karak chai/Karak coffeeEggs, cheese, beans, lentils or chickpeas, wheat flour, oil, spices, tea or coffee, milk696Eggs, milk, glutenNoNo
English-ish BreakfastMasala omelette with masala beans, 2 lamb bacon rashers, 2 chicken sausages, and 2 slices of toastEggs, cheese, beans, lamb, chicken, wheat flour, oil, spices820Eggs, milk, glutenNoNo
Roti RollsTwo rotis stuffed with your choice of filling: chicken tikka, lamb keema, paneer, or mixed vegWheat flour, oil, chicken, lamb, cheese, vegetables, spices560-680Milk, glutenNo (except mixed veg)No
Bombay BowlsA bowl of rice or quinoa topped with your choice of curry: chicken tikka masala, lamb rogan josh, chana masala, or mixed vegRice, quinoa, chicken, lamb, chickpeas, vegetables, spices, cream, yogurt480-640MilkNo (except chana masala and mixed veg)Yes
Roti DessertsTwo rotis filled with your choice of sweet filling: Nutella, lotus biscoff, or jamWheat flour, oil, chocolate, lotus biscoff, jam440-520GlutenNo (except jam)No
KulfiA traditional Indian ice cream with your choice of flavour: pistachio, mango, or coconutMilk, cream, sugar, pistachio, mango, coconut180-220Milk, nutsNoYes

As you can see, Chai Wala’s breakfast menu offers a variety of flavors and textures within a vibrant Indian cuisine to suit different tastes and preferences. You can enjoy the savory and spicy dishes, such as the desi breakfast or the roti rolls, or the sweet and creamy dishes, such as the roti desserts or the kulfi. You can also find vegan and gluten-free options, such as the Bombay bowls or the kulfi, if you have dietary restrictions or preferences.

All the dishes are made with fresh and quality ingredients, and they are prepared and served with care and hygiene. The portions are generous and satisfying, and the prices are reasonable and affordable. You can even try their signature recipes at home or get delivery from Chaii Wala if you prefer to enjoy your breakfast at home or work.

Many customers have praised Chai Wala’s breakfast menu, and have shared their positive feedback and reviews. Here are some of the testimonials from happy customers:

“I love Chai Wala’s breakfast menu, especially the desi breakfast. It reminds me of my childhood in India, and the flavors are amazing. The Karak chai is the best I’ve ever had, and the rotis are soft and fluffy. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Indian food.”

Ravi, London

“Chai Wala’s breakfast menu is a great way to start the day. I usually go for the roti rolls, which are filling and tasty. The chicken tikka filling is my favorite, and the rotis are freshly made. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the service is quick and efficient.”

Sarah, Birmingham

“I’m a big fan of Chai Wala’s breakfast menu, especially the roti desserts. They are so delicious and indulgent, and the perfect treat for a sweet tooth. The Nutella filling is heavenly, and the rotis are warm and crispy. I also love the kulfi, which is creamy and refreshing. Chai Wala’s breakfast menu is the best in town.”

Emma, Manchester

If you want to try Chai Wala’s breakfast menu for yourself, you can find their UK locations here. You can also visit their official website here, where you can view their full menu, order online, or find out more about their franchise and sustainability initiatives.

Chai Wala Breakfast Kids Menu In The UK

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious and fun breakfast with your kids, you might want to check out Chaii Wala, the Indian street food cafe that serves authentic and tasty Karak Chaii and other dishes. Chai Wala has several locations in the UK, including London, Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford, and Manchester. In this section, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Chaii Wala breakfast kids menu.

The kids menu at Chai Wala is designed to cater to the preferences and needs of the little ones. It has six dishes to choose from, each priced at £3.50. The portion size is generous, and availability is from 8 am to 12 pm every day. Here are some of the dishes you can find on the kids menu:

DishDescriptionIngredientsCaloriesAllergensVeganGluten Free
Mini pancakesFluffy pancakes served with maple syrup and your choice of banana, blueberries, or baconFlour, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder, sugar, salt, maple syrup, banana, blueberries, bacon350Milk, eggs, gluten, sulphitesNoNo
Scrambled eggsCreamy eggs cooked with cheese and served with toast and butterEggs, cheese, butter, toast, salt, pepper280Milk, eggs, glutenNoNo
Bacon sandwichCrispy bacon and ketchup on a toasted bunBacon, ketchup, bun, butter300Gluten, sulphitesNoNo
Fruit saladRefreshing salad made with fresh fruits such as pineapple, mango, melon, and grapesPineapple, mango, melon, grapes150NoneYesYes
ParathaFlatbread stuffed with potatoes and spices, served with yogurt and pickleFlour, potatoes, oil, salt, pepper, cumin, coriander, yogurt, pickle250Milk, glutenNoNo
SamosaCrispy pastry filled with spiced vegetables or chicken, served with chutneyFlour, oil, salt, water, potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken, spices, chutney200GlutenNo (vegetable option yes)No

The dishes on the kids menu are made with fresh and quality ingredients, focusing on providing nutritional value. They have a variety of flavors and textures to suit different palates. The presentation is also appealing and inviting, with bright colors and cute shapes. Your kids will love the food and the experience at Chai Wala.

Some of the benefits and advantages of choosing the kids menu at Chai Wala are:

  • Nutritional value: The kids’ menu provides a balanced and nutritious meal for your kids, with fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and meat. It also has vegan and gluten-free options for those who prefer a plant-based or wheat-free diet.
  • Variety: The kids’ menu has a range of dishes to choose from, so your kids can try different things and discover new tastes. You can also mix and match the dishes to create your combination.
  • Taste: The kids’ menu has dishes that are flavorful and delicious, with a hint of Indian spice and sweetness. Your kids will enjoy the food and the adventure of eating something different.
  • Satisfaction: The kids’ menu will fill your kids up and make them happy. They will have a memorable and enjoyable breakfast at Chai Wala.

Chai Wala Breakfast Drinks Menu In The UK

One of the best things about Chaii Wala is its amazing drinks menu, which offers a range of hot and cold beverages that are perfect for any time of the day. Whether you want a warm and soothing cup of karak chai, a refreshing and creamy glass of lassi, or a decadent and indulgent bowl of falooda, you will find something to suit your mood and taste at Chai Wala. In this section, we will explore the different drinks options that Chai Wala has to offer and why they are so popular among their customers.

DrinkPriceDescriptionIngredientsCaloriesAllergensVeganGluten Free
Karak Chaii£2.50The signature drink of Chaii Wala, this is a strong and aromatic tea brewed with milk, sugar, and a blend of spices. It is served hot and frothy, and has a rich and satisfying flavor.Tea, milk, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger150MilkNoYes
Masala Chai£2.50A classic Indian tea, this is a lighter and spicier version of karak chaii, made with less milk and more spices. It is also served hot and frothy, and has a refreshing and invigorating taste.Tea, milk, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, star anise120MilkNoYes
Lassi£3.00A traditional yogurt-based drink, this is a smooth and creamy beverage that comes in various flavors, such as mango, strawberry, rose, and salted. It is served cold and topped with nuts and dried fruits. It is a great way to cool down and enjoy a sweet treat.Yogurt, water, sugar, flavoring, nuts, dried fruits200Milk, nutsNoYes
Falooda£4.00A luxurious dessert drink, this is a layered concoction of vermicelli noodles, basil seeds, ice cream, jelly, syrup, and nuts. It is served cold and with a spoon and a straw. It is a delicious and indulgent way to end your meal or satisfy your sweet tooth.Vermicelli, basil seeds, ice cream, jelly, syrup, nuts400Milk, nuts, glutenNoNo
Coffee£2.50A simple and classic drink, this is a freshly brewed coffee that can be customized with milk, sugar, and flavoring. It is served hot and with a biscuit. It is a good option for those who prefer a more familiar and less adventurous drink.Coffee, milk, sugar, flavoring, biscuit100Milk, glutenNoNo

As you can see, Chai Wala’s drinks menu has something for everyone, from the traditional and authentic karak chaii and masala chai to the exotic and festive lassi and falooda, to the basic and familiar coffee. Each beverage has its unique taste, texture, and appearance, and they are all prepared and served with care and quality. You can also find more information about the ingredients, calories, allergens, and vegan, and gluten-free options of each drink on their website, where you can also order online or find a nearby store.

Chaii Wala’s drinks menu is not only delicious and diverse but also reflects the culture and cuisine of India, where tea and yogurt are staple ingredients, and where spices and fruits add flavor and color to the drinks. By trying Chai Wala’s drinks, you are not only enjoying a sip of the East but also learning more about the history and tradition of Indian street food.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials and reviews from customers who have tried Chaii Wala’s drinks menu and what they liked or disliked about it:

“I love Chai Wala’s karak chaii, it is the best tea I have ever had. It is so flavorful and comforting, and it reminds me of my grandmother’s tea. I always order it when I visit Chai Wala, and I can never get enough of it.”

Aisha, London

“I tried Chai Wala’s lassi for the first time, and I was pleasantly surprised by how creamy and refreshing it was. I had the mango flavor, and it was so sweet and fruity, and the nuts and dried fruits added a nice crunch and texture. It was a perfect drink for a hot day.”

Jake, Leicester

“I was not a fan of Chaii Wala’s falooda, it was too sweet and rich for my liking. It was also too messy and complicated to eat, and I felt like I was eating a dessert rather than a drink. It was not my cup of tea, literally.”

Lucy, Birmingham

“I enjoyed Chai Wala’s coffee, it was simple and classic, and it had a nice biscuit to go with it. It was a good option for me, as I am not a big fan of tea or yogurt. It was also cheaper than other coffee shops, and it had a nice atmosphere.”

Tom, Bradford

“I recommend Chaii Wala’s masala chai, it is a great drink for those who like a bit of spice and adventure. It has a nice balance of sweetness and spiciness, and it is very aromatic and soothing. It is a great way to start your day or warm up your evening.”

Priya, Manchester

Chai Wala Breakfast Meal In The UK

If you love Indian street food and want to start your day with a burst of flavor, you should try Chaii Wala’s breakfast meal in the UK. Chai Wala is a popular chai cafe that serves authentic and delicious Karak Chaii and other Indian delicacies. Their breakfast menu is available from 10 am to 12 pm every day, and it offers a variety of dishes and drinks that you can mix and match to create your breakfast meal. Whether you prefer a sweet or savory breakfast, a light or hearty meal, or a vegan or gluten-free option, Chai Wala has something for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you should try Chai Wala’s breakfast meal in the UK:

You can choose from six different dishes on the breakfast menu, each priced at £5. You can also add extra toppings or sides for a small fee. The dishes are:

  • Desi breakfast: This is a traditional Indian breakfast with a masala omelet, masala beans, daal or chana, classic rotis, parathas, or toast, and Karak Chaii or Karak Coffee. This is a filling and nutritious meal that will keep you energized for the day.
  • English-ish breakfast: This fusion of English and Indian breakfast features a masala omelet, masala beans, two lamb bacon rashers, two chicken sausages, and two slices of toast. This hearty and satisfying meal will satisfy your hunger.
  • Roti rolls: Soft and fluffy rotis filled with your choice of chicken tikka, lamb keema, paneer, or mixed veg, served with mint sauce and salad. These are perfect for a quick and easy breakfast on the go.
  • Bombay bowls: Steaming hot rice topped with your choice of chicken curry, lamb curry, daal, or chana, served with a roti and salad. These are ideal for a warm and comforting breakfast that will fill you up.
  • Roti desserts: Sweet and crispy rotis drizzled with Nutella, Lotus Biscoff, or golden syrup, served with vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. These are great for a decadent and indulgent breakfast treat.
  • Samosa chaat: Crispy and spicy samosas topped with yogurt, tamarind sauce, mint sauce, onions, and sev, served with salad. This is a delicious option for a tangy and crunchy breakfast that will wake you up.

You can also choose from a range of hot and cold drinks to accompany your breakfast meal. Some of the drinks are:

  • Karak Chai: Chai Wala’s signature drink. A strong and aromatic tea brewed with milk, sugar, and spices. Available in different flavors, such as cardamom, ginger, saffron, and masala. Served in a traditional clay cup. A must-try for any chai lover.
  • Masala Chai: Another type of tea brewed with milk, sugar, and a blend of spices. Served in a glass. This is a classic and soothing drink that will warm you up.
  • Lassi: A refreshing and creamy drink made with yogurt, water, sugar, and fruit. Available in different flavors, such as mango, strawberry, and salted. A cooling and hydrating drink that will quench your thirst.
  • Falooda: A decadent and colorful drink made with milk, rose syrup, vermicelli, basil seeds, and ice cream. Served in a large glass. A rich and sweet drink that will treat your taste buds.
  • Coffee: A hot and stimulating drink made with espresso and milk. Available in different varieties, such as latte, cappuccino, and mocha. A perfect drink for any coffee lover.

You can enjoy Chai Wala’s breakfast meal in any of their UK locations, which are

  • London: Chaii Wala has two branches in London, one in Knightsbridge and one in Dalston. They are both open from 10 am to 10 pm every day.
  • Leicester: Chaii Wala has one branch in Leicester, which is located on Evington Road. It is open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.
  • Birmingham: Chaii Wala has one branch in Birmingham, which is located on Soho Road. It is open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.
  • Bradford: Chaii Wala has one branch in Bradford, which is located on Leeds Road. It is open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.
  • Manchester: Chaii Wala has one branch in Manchester, which is located on Wilmslow Road. It is open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.

You can also order online from Chai Wala’s website. You can choose from delivery or collection, and you can also get discounts or coupons from their loyalty program.

Chai Wala Breakfast Deals/Offers In The UK

If you love Indian street food and Karak Chaii, you will be delighted to know that Chai Wala, the UK’s leading chai cafe, has some amazing deals and offers for their breakfast customers. Whether you want to enjoy a desi breakfast at one of their UK locations, order online for delivery, or get a coupon for your next visit, Chai Wala has something for everyone. In this section, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Chai Wala breakfast deals and how to get them.

Types of deals and offers

Chai Wala has a variety of deals and offers for their breakfast menu, which includes street eats such as roti rolls, Bombay bowls, and roti desserts, as well as traditional dishes such as paratha, samosa, halwa, and kulfi. Here are some of the types of deals and offers you can find at Chai Wala:

  • Discounts: Chaii Wala offers discounts on selected items or combos, such as 10% off Karak Chaii and paratha or 15% off roti rolls and Bombay bowls. These discounts are available for a limited time and depend on location and product availability.
  • Coupons: Chaii Wala also gives out coupons to use for your next purchase, such as £1 off any breakfast menu item or £2 off any roti dessert. These coupons are valid for a certain period and can be redeemed at any Chaii Wala store in the UK.
  • Loyalty Program: If you are a regular Chaii Wala customer, you can get a loyalty card that rewards you for every purchase you make. For every £10 you spend, you get a stamp on your card. After collecting 10 stamps, you get a free Karak Chaii of your choice. Collect more stamps, and get a free roti roll, Bombay bowl, or roti dessert. You can get your loyalty card at any Chaii Wala store and use it at any location in the UK.
  • Gift Cards: To treat your friends or family to a delicious and fun breakfast at Chaii Wala, buy them a gift card. You can choose the gift card amount, from £5 to £50, and personalize it with a message. The gift card can be purchased online or in-store and is valid for 12 months.

How to Avail These Deals and Offers

To take advantage of these deals and offers, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit Chai Wala’s official website and check out their breakfast menu and the current deals and offers available.
  • Find a Chai Wala store near you by using the store locator on the website, or by searching for “Chai Wala breakfast deals near me” on Google.
  • Order online for delivery or takeaway on the website or via the Chai Wala app. Call the store directly to place your order.
  • Show your coupon or loyalty card when you collect your order or enter the coupon code online during checkout. Use your gift card code online or in-store.
  • Enjoy your breakfast and save money with Chai Wala!

Examples of Savings and Benefits

Here are some examples of the savings and benefits of Chai Wala breakfast deals and offers:

  • Order a Karak Chaii and paratha for breakfast and get 10% off: pay only £4.50 instead of £5. Also, receive a coupon for £1 off on your next purchase, meaning your next Karak Chaii could be only £2.18 instead of £3.18.
  • Purchase a £10 gift card for your friend, and they can try any breakfast menu item they want at Chai Wala.

Value and Quality of Chai Wala’s Breakfast Products

Chaii Wala breakfast deals and offers aren’t just a way to save money, but also to enjoy the value and quality of Chaii Wala’s breakfast products. Chaii Wala’s breakfast products are:

  • Made with fresh and quality ingredients, sourced from local and ethical suppliers.
  • Cooked with authentic and traditional recipes, inspired by Indian street food culture and history.
  • Served with passion and care by friendly and professional staff.
  • Packed with flavor and nutrition, with various options for different tastes and dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, and halal.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible, with a commitment to sustainability, recycling, and community involvement.

Comparison with regular prices

To show you how much you can save and benefit from the Chai Wala breakfast deals and offers, here is a comparison with the regular prices of some of their breakfast products:

ProductRegular PriceDeal PriceSavings
Karak Chaii£3.18£2.86 (10% off)£0.32
Paratha£1.82£1.64 (10% off)£0.18
Roti Roll£4.50£3.83 (15% off)£0.67
Bombay Bowl£4.50£3.83 (15% off)£0.67
Roti Dessert£3.50Free (loyalty card)£3.50

As you can see, the Chaii Wala breakfast deals and offers can help you save a lot of money and enjoy a lot of benefits. You can also compare the prices and quality of Chaii Wala’s breakfast products with other competitors, such as Feed the Lion, Halal Girl About Town, The Halal Food Diaries, Halal Gems, and Haloodie Foodie, and see why Chaii Wala is the best choice for a desi breakfast in the UK.

Chai Wala Breakfast Extras

If you think Chaii Wala’s breakfast menu is already amazing, wait until you see their breakfast extras. These are the additional products or services that Chaii Wala offers to make your breakfast experience even more enjoyable and satisfying. Whether you want to spice up your roti roll, add some sweetness to your Bombay bowl, or indulge in a decadent roti dessert, Chaii Wala has you covered with their breakfast extras. In this section, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chaii Wala’s breakfast extras, including what they are, how they taste, and how to order them.

What are Chai Wala’s breakfast extras?

Chai Wala’s breakfast extras are sauces, dips, toppings, side dishes, and desserts that you can add to your breakfast order. They are designed to complement or enhance the main dishes, such as the roti rolls, Bombay bowls, parathas, and samosas. They are also great for sharing with your friends and family or for satisfying your cravings throughout the day. Here are some of the breakfast extras you can find at Chai Wala:

  • Sauces: Chai Wala has various sauces to drizzle over your roti rolls or dip your samosas in. Some of the sauces are spicy, some sweet, and others creamy. You can choose your preferred sauce for each dish or mix and match for different flavors.
  • Dips: Chai Wala also offers a selection of dips to enjoy with your parathas or toast. These range from savory to sweet and fruity options.
  • Toppings: Customize your Bombay bowls with Chai Wala’s different toppings. They offer crunchy, fresh, and cheesy options.
  • Sides: Chai Wala also has a range of side dishes to add to your breakfast order, including options that are hot, cold, and fried.
  • Desserts: Don’t forget to check out Chai Wala’s selection of roti desserts if you want a sweet treat after breakfast or any time of the day.

How do Chai Wala’s breakfast extras taste?

Chai Wala’s breakfast extras are delicious, flavorful, and satisfying. They add more taste, texture, and variety to your breakfast dishes, and make them more enjoyable and fulfilling. They also reflect the diversity and richness of Indian street food. Here are some descriptions of how Chai Wala’s breakfast extras taste:

  • Sauces: Tangy, spicy, sweet, and creamy all describe Chai Wala’s sauces. They add a burst of flavor to your meal.
  • Dips: Smooth, creamy, and spreadable, they add richness and contrasting flavors to parathas or toast.
  • Toppings: Crunchy, fresh, and cheesy. They add texture, color, and nutrition to your Bombay bowls.
  • Sides: Hot, cold, and fried options add substance and variety to your breakfast order.
  • Desserts: Sweet, chocolatey, and fruity, Chai Wala’s roti desserts are perfect for a decadent treat.

How to order Chai Wala’s breakfast extras?

Chai Wala’s breakfast extras are easy to order and affordable. You can order online, in their app, by phone, or in person. Find your nearest location using the store locator on their website. Chai Wala’s breakfast extras are priced at £1.50 each, except for the roti desserts, which are priced at £3.50 each. Look for combo deals, coupons, and their loyalty program for potential savings.

Chai Wala’s breakfast extras are priced at £1.50 each, except for the roti desserts, which are priced at £3.50 each. You can also get a discount if you order a combo of a main dish and an extra, or if you use a coupon or a voucher. You can also get free delivery if you order over a certain amount, or if you are a member of their loyalty program, which gives you points and rewards for every purchase.

Chai Wala Near Me

Are you craving some Indian street food and a cup of Karak Chaii? Do you want to enjoy a desi breakfast with your family or friends? If you answered yes, then you need to visit Chai Wala, the UK’s leading chai cafe chain. Chai Wala offers a variety of delicious items, including street eats, roti rolls, Bombay bowls, and roti desserts, along with their signature Karak Chaii and other drinks. Whether you want a quick bite or a leisurely meal, Chai Wala has something for everyone.

But where can you find a Chai Wala store near you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll show you how to locate the nearest Chai Wala store to your location in the UK and what to expect when you get there. Here are some of the ways you can find a Chai Wala near you:

  • Use the map: You can use the map below to see all the Chai Wala stores in the UK. Zoom in and out, and click on the icons to see the address, contact details, and directions of each store. Enter your postcode or city in the search box to find the closest store to you.
  • Use the list: View a list of Chai Wala stores below to see all UK locations. You can sort by name, distance, or rating, and click on the store name for more details. Filter by region (London, Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford, or Manchester) for convenience.
  • Use the website: Visit Chai Wala’s official website. Find the Store Locator option on the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your postcode or city to find the nearest store to you. You can also view the Menu and Order Online options on the website.
  • Use the app: Download the Chai Wala app on your smartphone to find the nearest store, order online, get discounts, and more. The app is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Here are some tips and suggestions for when you visit a Chai Wala store near you:

  • Check the opening and closing hours: Chai Wala stores are open from 10 am to 12 pm every day, but some stores may have different opening hours Check these on the map, list, website, or app.
  • Check the features and facilities: Stores offer varying features and facilities. Check to see if your chosen location offers parking, seating, wifi, delivery, takeaway, etc.
  • Check the service and quality: Known for their excellent service, you can find customer reviews for each store on the map, list, website, or app to see what others think.
  • Check the atmosphere and vibe: Chai Wala stores have a unique and vibrant atmosphere, that will make you feel like you’re in India. Enjoy the music, decor, and aroma while you’re there!

About Chai Wala

Chai Wala is a UK-based chain of chai cafes specializing in Indian street food, especially chai and breakfast dishes. The name Chai Wala means tea-seller in Hindi and Urdu, reflecting the humble origins and passion of the brand. Chai Wala was founded by Nil Naik, a British Indian entrepreneur inspired to bring the authentic taste and experience of Indian street food to the UK. He was inspired by childhood memories in India, especially the delicious and diverse street food, particularly the karak chaii, a strong and aromatic tea brewed with milk, sugar, and spices.

Nil Naik started Chai Wala in 2015 with a single store in Leicester. Since then, the brand has grown to over 30 locations across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bradford, and Manchester. Chai Wala’s menu has also expanded to offer a variety of desi breakfast items such as paratha, samosa, halwa, and kulfi, as well as street eats like roti rolls, Bombay bowls, and roti desserts. Chai Wala aims to provide high-quality, fresh, and affordable food catering to different dietary preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, and halal. Chai Wala also offers online ordering and delivery services, as well as catering for events and parties.

Chai Wala is not just a business but a vision and a mission. The brand upholds values including innovation, diversity, community, and sustainability. Chai Wala is always creating new flavors and services to keep up with changing customer tastes. The brand celebrates the diversity of Indian culture, welcoming people from all backgrounds. Chai Wala supports the local communities where it operates and is committed to sustainability through eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing.

Chai Wala has received many awards and achievements for its excellence and innovation. Some of these include:

  • Best Newcomer Award at the British Asian Food Awards 2018
  • Best Street Food Award at the Leicester Curry Awards 2019
  • Best Breakfast Award at the Birmingham Food, Drink and Hospitality Awards 2019
  • Best Cafe Award at the Bradford Curry Awards 2020
  • Best Franchise Award at the Asian Business Awards 2020

Chai Wala has a bright and exciting future with plans to expand throughout the UK and even further. The brand hopes to inspire others and share the joy of Indian street food with the world.

Contact Chai Wala

If you have questions, comments, or feedback about Chai Wala, their breakfast menu and hours, or locations in the UK, you have several easy ways to get in touch. Chai Wala values its customers and strives to provide the best possible service, quality, and atmosphere. Here are some ways you can contact Chai Wala and what to expect:

  • Phone: Call Chai Wala’s customer service number at 0121 448 1212. This line is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. A friendly and helpful representative will answer your questions, take your feedback, or help you resolve issues. You can also use this number to place an order for delivery or collection or learn more about franchise opportunities.
  • Email: Email Chai Wala at This email address is monitored daily, with a typical response time of 24 hours. Use this contact method for suggestions, compliments, complaints, or requests for additional information.
  • Website: Visit Chai Wala’s official website at The website is a great resource to learn about Chai Wala’s full menu, hours, and UK locations. Their store locator tool is especially helpful and you can even order online directly. You can also learn more about their history, vision, values, and sustainability initiatives. Plus, easily fill out a contact form on their website, and they will get back to you soon.
  • Social Media: Follow Chai Wala on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Check their website for links or search directly for ‘Chai Wala’ or ‘chaiiwala’. Use social media to stay updated on the latest news, offers, and events, or to interact with Chai Wala and other customers. You can also send a direct message, or leave a comment or review. Chai Wala is active on social media and they love connecting with their fans.

Tips: Here are some tips for contacting Chai Wala and getting a great experience:

  • Be polite and respectful when contacting Chai Wala.
  • Be clear and specific about your query, feedback, or issue.
  • If you have a complaint, be constructive and calm.
  • If you have a compliment, be genuine and sincere.
  • For online orders, enter your details and address correctly, and check delivery information carefully.
  • When visiting a store, make sure to check opening hours and directions beforehand.
  • To learn about franchise opportunities, read the franchise information on their website and contact them for more details.

By contacting Chai Wala, you can get the answers, solutions, or support you need. You can also directly share your opinions, ideas, or experiences with them. Chai Wala is always happy to hear from you and is dedicated to serving you delicious and authentic Indian street food. Contact Chai Wala today and enjoy their amazing breakfast menu and karak chaii!

Final Words

We hope you found our exploration into Chai Wala’s vibrant offering both enlightening and enticing. Their dedication to delivering an authentic Indian street food experience right here in the UK is truly commendable. From their delectable desi breakfast options to the innovative roti desserts and the beloved Karak Chaii, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Their commitment to cultural authenticity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability only adds to the appeal of visiting one of their locations for a memorable breakfast.

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Your feedback and insights are invaluable to us as we continue to explore and share the diverse culinary landscape of the UK. Whether it’s about Chai Wala’s offerings or your breakfast adventures elsewhere, we’re all ears. Engage with us through comments, reach out via our contact form, or simply spread the word about your discoveries with loved ones. Let’s make every breakfast an adventure worth sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Chai Wala Breakfast Menu And Hours In The UK

What are the vegan options available on Chai Wala’s breakfast menu?

Chai Wala caters to diverse dietary preferences, including vegan options. Among their breakfast offerings, the Bombay Bowls with chana masala or mixed vegetables are vegan-friendly. Additionally, they offer a selection of lassis and faloodas that can be made with dairy-free substitutes, ensuring a satisfying meal for vegan customers.

Does Chai Wala offer gluten-free breakfast items?

Yes, Chai Wala provides gluten-free choices to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions. Their Bombay Bowls can be customized with a gluten-free base of rice or quinoa, paired with gluten-free curry options. They also offer kulfi, a traditional Indian ice cream, as a gluten-free dessert alternative.

Are there any child-friendly dishes on Chai Wala’s breakfast menu?

Chai Wala includes child-friendly dishes on their breakfast menu to delight young guests. The Mini Pancakes and Fruit Salad from the kids’ menu is specifically designed to appeal to children, providing both nutritious and tasty options for a delightful breakfast experience.

Can I order Chai Wala’s breakfast items for delivery?

Absolutely! Chai Wala offers the convenience of ordering breakfast items for delivery. Customers can place orders through Chai Wala’s official website or mobile app, enjoying their favorite Indian street food breakfast items delivered right to their doorstep.

Does Chai Wala have options for people with allergies?

Chai Wala takes the health and safety of its customers seriously, providing options for individuals with allergies. Their menu includes allergen information for dishes, and they accommodate special requests to modify dishes according to specific allergy concerns.

How can I find the nearest Chai Wala location?

To find the nearest Chai Wala location, customers can use the store locator feature on Chai Wala’s official website or mobile app. By entering their postcode or city, they can discover the closest Chai Wala café, along with its address, contact details, and operating hours.

Does Chai Wala offer any loyalty programs for frequent visitors?

Yes, Chai Wala values its customers by offering a loyalty program. Regular patrons can collect stamps for every purchase, which can be redeemed for free items like Karak Chaii or roti rolls. Details about joining the loyalty program are available at their stores or through the Chai Wala app.

Are there any seasonal or special offers available at Chai Wala?

Chai Wala periodically introduces seasonal and special offers, celebrating festivals or special occasions with discounts or limited-time menu items. Customers can stay updated on these offers by following Chai Wala on social media or subscribing to their newsletter.

How can I apply for a Chai Wala franchise?

Interested parties can apply for a Chai Wala franchise by visiting their official website and navigating to the franchise section. There, they can find detailed information about the franchise process, requirements, and the application form to start their journey as a Chai Wala franchisee.

How does Chai Wala ensure the sustainability of its ingredients?

Chai Wala is committed to sustainability, sourcing ingredients from ethical and organic farms. They prioritize natural ingredients and work with suppliers who adhere to sustainable farming practices, reflecting their commitment to environmental responsibility and the quality of their dishes.

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