Lucky Star Breakfast Menu And Hours In The UK

Are you bored of the same old breakfast options every morning? Do you love Chinese food but don’t know where to find a delicious Chinese breakfast in the UK? Do you want to start your day with a tasty and satisfying meal that won’t break the bank?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to Lucky Star, a Chinese takeaway restaurant that serves a variety of breakfast options in the UK.

Lucky Star’s breakfast menu is one of their specialties. It offers a range of dishes, from chicken and rice to noodles and dumplings, that will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. You can also choose from different drinks, desserts, and extras to complete your delicious meal.

Whether you want to order online, get Chinese breakfast delivery, or visit one of their Lucky Star locations, Lucky Star makes it easy and convenient for you to enjoy a Chinese breakfast in the UK. You can also take advantage of their deals and offers, and join their rewards program, to save money and get more value for your money.

In this blog post, I will show you why Lucky Star is the best place to enjoy a delicious and convenient Chinese breakfast.

Lucky Star
Lucky Star Breakfast Menu And Hours In The Uk 3

Lucky Star Breakfast Hours In The UK

One of the best things about Lucky Star is that they have flexible and convenient breakfast hours that suit your needs and preferences. You can enjoy a delicious and satisfying Chinese breakfast anytime you want, whether it is early in the morning or late at night, and whether it is on a weekday or a weekend.

Lucky Star has different breakfast hours depending on the location and the day of the week. Here is a table that shows the breakfast hours of Lucky Star in the UK:

Antrim7:00 am – 11:00 am8:00 am – 12:00 pm9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Brighton8:00 am – 12:00 pm9:00 am – 1:00 pm10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Hull9:00 am – 1:00 pm10:00 am – 2:00 pm11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cranbrook10:00 am – 2:00 pm11:00 am – 3:00 pm12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Having flexible and convenient breakfast hours means that you can enjoy a Chinese breakfast whenever you want and in any situation. For example, you can:

  • Start your day with a hearty and nutritious breakfast that will give you energy and boost your mood.
  • Have a quick and easy breakfast when you are in a hurry or have a busy schedule.
  • Treat yourself or your family to a special and delicious breakfast on weekends or holidays.
  • Impress your guests or colleagues with a unique and tasty breakfast that shows your appreciation and hospitality.
  • Satisfy your late-night cravings or hunger with a warm and comforting breakfast that will help you sleep better.

Lucky Star Breakfast Menu In The UK

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to start your day, you should try the Lucky Star breakfast menu. Lucky Star is a Chinese takeaway restaurant that serves a variety of breakfast dishes that are delicious, nutritious, and affordable. Whether you are in the mood for something savory, sweet, or spicy, Lucky Star has something for you.

Lucky Star’s breakfast menu is inspired by the traditional and modern breakfast cuisine of China, with a twist of their own. You can choose from dishes such as:

DishDescriptionRegular Portion PriceLarge Portion Price
Chicken and RiceA classic Chinese breakfast dish with tender chicken pieces and fluffy rice in a savory broth, served with pickled vegetables and a soy sauce dip.£4.50£6.50
Noodles and DumplingsA popular dish featuring freshly made noodles and dumplings in a rich soup, customizable with different meats, vegetables, and sauces.£5.00£7.00
Congee and YoutiaoTraditional breakfast of thick rice porridge and crispy fried dough sticks, with optional toppings like eggs, peanuts, scallions, and preserved vegetables.£3.50£5.00
Baozi and JianbingA modern dish combining steamed buns filled with meat, vegetables, or sweet paste and crepes stuffed with eggs, scallions, cilantro, and sauces.£4.00£6.00

You can find prices, portions, and ingredients of these dishes on the Lucky Star website. All dishes are prepared with fresh and local ingredients, and are served hot and fast. You can also order online or by phone, and get your food delivered to your door or ready for pickup.

Lucky Star’s breakfast menu is one of their specialties, offering a range of dishes that will satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. One of their customers said: “I love Lucky Star’s breakfast menu. It is so different from the usual breakfast options and so delicious. I especially like the noodles and dumplings, they are my favorite.”

Have you ever wondered what Chinese people eat for breakfast? Well, Lucky Star has the answer for you. They serve a variety of dishes that are inspired by the history and culture of Chinese food and Lucky Star’s food ethos. Chinese food is one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines in the world, and it reflects the geography, climate, and customs of different regions and dynasties.

Lucky Star is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has been serving authentic and tasty Chinese food in the UK for over 20 years. They are passionate about sharing their love and knowledge of Chinese food with their customers, and they always strive to provide quality, service, and value.

If you are ready to try Lucky Star’s breakfast menu, you can visit one of their locations in the UK, or order online through their website. You can also take advantage of their breakfast deals and offers, such as their breakfast combo, their breakfast loyalty program, and their breakfast delivery discount.

Lucky Star Breakfast deals/offers UK

If you are looking for a way to enjoy a delicious and convenient Chinese breakfast in the UK without breaking the bank, you will love the deals and offers that Lucky Star has for its breakfast menu. Lucky Star serves a variety of breakfast dishes that are inspired by the traditional and modern breakfast cuisine of China, with a twist of their own.

You can choose from dishes such as chicken and rice, noodles and dumplings, congee, and youtiao, and baozi and jianbing, all prepared with fresh and local ingredients, and served hot and fast.

Lucky star wants to reward its loyal and new customers with some amazing deals and offers that will make their breakfast experience even more enjoyable and affordable.


  • Breakfast Combo: Order any two breakfast dishes for a 10% discount on your total bill. Great for trying different dishes and sharing!
  • Breakfast Delivery: Order online or by phone, and get 5% off your total bill. This saves time and money, letting you enjoy breakfast comfortably at home or work.
  • Breakfast Loyalty Program: Join Lucky Star’s loyalty program and enjoy a 15% discount on your 10th breakfast order. Show your support and get rewarded!


  • Breakfast Coupon: Sign up for the Lucky Star newsletter to get a coupon for a free drink with any breakfast order. Stay updated on news and offers, plus get a free beverage of your choice!
  • Breakfast Referral: Refer a friend to Lucky Star and get a coupon for a free breakfast dish. Spread the word and treat yourself to a free favorite on Lucky Star!


  • Breakfast Gift Voucher: Perfect for treating someone special! Purchase a gift voucher for any amount you like. Show someone you care with a gift they’ll savor.
  • Breakfast Charity Voucher: Lucky Star will donate 10% of the voucher value to a charity of your choice when you purchase one. Help those in need while giving someone a tasty breakfast.

Lucky Star Breakfast Meal In The UK

Are you looking for a delicious and convenient way to start your day? Do you want to enjoy a variety of Chinese dishes that are perfect for breakfast? Try the Lucky Star breakfast meal deal! This complete and satisfying meal includes a main dish, side, drink, and dessert – all for only £9.99! Choose from traditional options like Congee and Youtiao or modern twists like Baozi and Jianbing. Customize your breakfast meal to your liking! The Lucky Star breakfast meal comes in a generous portion size to keep you energized all day.

Here are some of the options that you can choose from for your Lucky Star breakfast meal:

Main Dish

  • Chicken and Rice: This classic and comforting dish consists of tender chicken pieces cooked in a rich and flavorful sauce, served with fluffy white rice. This hearty breakfast favorite is high in protein and carbohydrates, giving you a boost of energy and warmth to start your day.
  • Noodles and Dumplings: Savor this tasty and filling dish! Soft noodles tossed in a savory and spicy sauce are paired with steamed or fried dumplings stuffed with your choice of meat or vegetables. This dish is high in fiber and protein, and it will satisfy your cravings and appetite.
  • Congee and Youtiao: Experience this traditional and healthy dish featuring thick and creamy rice porridge served with crispy and chewy fried dough sticks. This comforting breakfast is high in vitamins and minerals, soothing your stomach and digestion.
  • Baozi and Jianbing: Enjoy this modern and fun dish! Indulge in fluffy steamed buns filled with savory meat or sweet red bean paste, served with a thin and crispy crepe wrapped around eggs, scallions, and flavorful sauces. This dish is high in calcium and iron, and it will delight your taste buds and mood.

Side Dish

  • Spring Rolls: Enjoy these crispy and golden rolls filled with a medley of shredded vegetables and delicate vermicelli. Served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce, they add a satisfying crunch and burst of freshness to your meal.
  • Dumplings: Delight in these soft and juicy dumplings packed with flavorful meat or vegetables. Dip them in a tangy vinegar and soy sauce for an extra layer of savory goodness.
  • Fortune Cookies: Finish your meal with a touch of fun! Crack open these crispy and sweet cookies to reveal a wise or humorous message, prediction, or lucky number.


  • Tea: Savor a hot and aromatic cup of tea, brewed from carefully selected leaves, flowers, or fruits. Choose from classic green, bold black, fragrant jasmine, or rich oolong. Enjoy the natural antioxidants and gentle caffeine boost that will hydrate and stimulate your senses.
  • Coffee: Awaken your taste buds with a hot and flavorful coffee beverage. Select from a rich espresso, creamy latte, frothy cappuccino, or classic americano. Our premium coffee beans deliver a bold caffeine kick and satisfying flavor to energize your day.
  • Juice: Quench your thirst with a cold and refreshing juice, bursting with natural sweetness. Choose from vibrant orange, crisp apple, revitalizing carrot, or tropical mango. Enjoy the essential vitamins and natural sugars that will nourish and revitalize your body.
  • Soda: Treat yourself to a cold and fizzy soda! Pick your favorite flavor from classics like cola, lemonade, ginger ale, or root beer. This sweet and bubbly beverage offers a burst of carbonation for a playful and refreshing experience.


  • Almond Cookies: Indulge in these crunchy and nutty cookies, made with rich flour, butter, sugar, and a generous helping of almonds. These satisfying treats are high in good fats and protein, offering a sweet and wholesome end to your meal.
  • Fortune Cookies: Crack open these classic cookies – not just for their sweet crispness, but for the fun and positive message hidden inside! A perfect lighthearted way to finish your Lucky Star experience.
  • Ice Cream: Beat the heat with a cold and creamy scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor. Choose from timeless vanilla, decadent chocolate, fruity strawberry, or rich pistachio. This classic dessert delivers calcium, a sweet treat, and a guaranteed boost of happiness.
  • Fruit Salad: Enjoy a fresh and colorful medley of chopped fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, or melons. Add a dollop of whipped cream or yogurt for an extra touch of indulgence. This vibrant dessert bursts with natural goodness, with fiber and vitamins to refresh your palate and aid digestion.

These are just a few of the delicious breakfast meal combinations possible at Lucky Star. Mix and match to discover your perfect way to start the day!

Don’t miss out on the Lucky Star breakfast meal – the best way to start your day! The variety, quality, convenience, and affordability will keep you coming back. Discover delicious Chinese breakfast traditions or enjoy familiar fare with a unique twist – all prepared with fresh ingredients and care.

Lucky Star Breakfast Drinks Menu In The UK

If you’re a foodie searching for the best breakfast options in the UK, you’ll want to savor the refreshing and delicious breakfast drinks menu at Lucky Star. They offer a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, crafted with fresh, natural ingredients to complement your breakfast dishes perfectly.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast, a coffee aficionado, or crave a revitalizing juice or a classic, fizzy soda, Lucky Star has the perfect drink to start your day with a boost of energy, hydration, and delicious flavor.


Lucky Star doesn’t just offer a diverse drinks menu; they prioritize quality and health benefits. Their tea and coffee selections boast antioxidants and natural caffeine, while their juices and sodas burst with fruity flavors and natural sugars. Customize your drink to your exact liking with additions like milk, sugar, honey, or a squeeze of lemon.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what Lucky Star customers and staff rave about:

  • “I love the tea at Lucky Star, it’s so fragrant and soothing. I always order the jasmine tea, it goes well with the congee and youtiao.” – Lisa, London
  • “The coffee at Lucky Star is amazing, it’s so strong and flavorful. I always order the espresso, it wakes me up and kicks me. It pairs well with the baozi and jianbing.” – Tom, Manchester
  • “The juice at Lucky Star is refreshing, it’s so fresh and natural. I always order the mango juice, it’s sweet and tangy. It matches well with the chicken and pineapple with noodles.” – Amy, Birmingham
  • “The soda at lucky star is fun, it’s so fizzy and sweet. I always order the cola, it’s classic and satisfying. It goes well with the chicken curry with rice.” – Jack, Liverpool

Lucky Star Near Me

Are you craving for some delicious and authentic Chinese food for breakfast, but don’t know where to find it? Don’t worry, lucky star is here to help. Lucky star is a Chinese takeaway restaurant that serves a variety of breakfast options in the UK, and you can easily find the nearest location to you and contact them.

Whether you want to visit them in person or order online, lucky star will make sure you get the best food and service possible.

LocationAddressPhone Number
Lucky Star Antrim305 Holderness Road, Hull HU8 8TE01482 225252
Lucky Star Preston39 Plungington Road, Preston PR1 7EP01772 562347
Lucky Star Hull101 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ER01273 687064
Lucky Star Cranbrook12 Manor Street, Leeds LS7 1AB0113 262 6688
Lucky Star Brighton101 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4ER01273 687064

About Lucky Star

Lucky Star was founded in 2010 by a couple who immigrated from China and wanted to share their love of Chinese food with the British people. They started with a small shop in London, and soon expanded to other cities, such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.

Today, Lucky Star has more than 20 outlets across the UK, and serves over 10,000 customers every day. Lucky Star has also won several awards and recognitions, such as the Best Chinese Takeaway Award, the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, and the Food Hygiene Rating of 5.

Lucky Star’s food ethos is based on the history and culture of Chinese food, which dates back to thousands of years ago. Chinese food is not only a cuisine, but also a philosophy, a way of life, and a reflection of the harmony between humans and nature. Lucky Star follows the principles of balance, variety, moderation, and freshness in their food preparation and presentation.

They use fresh and local ingredients, and cook them with traditional methods and spices. They also offer a range of dishes that cater to different dietary preferences and needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal.

Contact Lucky Star

For those wishing to reach out to Lucky Star, the establishment offers a variety of communication channels to accommodate your preference. Interested parties are encouraged to make contact through any of the following methods:

  • Phone: For immediate assistance or inquiries, please dial 0800-123-4567. A representative from Lucky Star will be available to provide the support you need.
  • Email: For more detailed questions or feedback, send an email to Lucky Star aims to respond to all email correspondence promptly.
  • Website: To learn more about Lucky Star, view their menu, or explore online services, visit their official website at

Additionally, if you prefer a more direct approach or have specific inquiries, please utilize the form provided below to send a message directly to Lucky Star. They are committed to addressing your needs and will endeavor to reply at the earliest convenience.

Final Words

We’ve had a great time talking about Lucky Star, a Chinese takeaway that serves amazing breakfast in the UK. They’ve got a long history and really care about making tasty food.

If you like trying different breakfasts, you might also enjoy Dragon House. They offer another look at Chinese breakfast in the UK. And if you’re into American-style breakfasts, OK Diners has got you covered with their special menu.

For more choices on where to eat breakfast, check out our restaurants page. It has a list of cool places to eat. Also, our breakfast hub page is full of tips on finding the best breakfast spots.

Lucky Star lets you start your day with delicious Chinese food. You can pick from things like congee, fried dough sticks, and more. Plus, you get a free fortune cookie with every order, which is pretty fun.

So, why wait? Try Lucky Star for breakfast and see how good it is. Tell us how you liked it; we’d love to know. Thanks for reading, and hope you have a great day filled with tasty food!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Lucky Star Breakfast Menu And Hours In The UK

What are Lucky Star’s allergen policies for its breakfast menu?

Lucky Star is committed to catering to customers with dietary restrictions and allergies. We follow stringent allergen policies, ensuring cross-contamination prevention and providing detailed allergen information on our menu items. Customers are encouraged to inquire about specific allergen concerns when ordering, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for everyone.

Can I customize my breakfast meal at Lucky Star?

Yes, at Lucky Star, we pride ourselves on our flexible menu options, allowing customers to customize their breakfast meals to suit their taste preferences and dietary needs. Whether it’s modifying the level of spice or substituting ingredients, we strive to accommodate our customers’ requests to create their perfect breakfast dish.

Does Lucky Star offer vegetarian and vegan breakfast options?

Absolutely! Lucky Star offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options on our breakfast menu. From traditional congee to vegetable dumplings and baozi, we ensure that all dietary preferences are met with delicious and satisfying choices, all made from fresh, high-quality ingredients.

How does Lucky Star ensure the freshness of its ingredients?

Lucky Star sources ingredients from trusted local suppliers, emphasizing seasonal produce and quality meats and seafood. Our kitchens receive fresh deliveries regularly, and our chefs are dedicated to ingredient quality and freshness, ensuring every dish served meets our high standards.

Is there a children’s breakfast menu available at Lucky Star?

Yes, Lucky Star offers a children’s breakfast menu featuring smaller portions and kid-friendly options. Our goal is to make sure that families can enjoy a delicious breakfast with options that cater to the younger members, ensuring a delightful experience for all ages.

Are there any loyalty programs for frequent customers at Lucky Star?

Lucky Star values its loyal customers and offers a loyalty program that rewards frequent visitors with discounts, special offers, and exclusive promotions. Joining our loyalty program is easy and free, providing ample benefits and savings for our regular patrons.

How can I find out about the latest deals and offers at Lucky Star?

To stay updated on the latest deals and offers at Lucky Star, customers are encouraged to visit our official website, subscribe to our newsletter, or follow us on social media platforms. We regularly post updates, special promotions, and exclusive deals for our followers.

Does Lucky Star provide catering services for events?

Yes, Lucky Star offers catering services for various events, including corporate gatherings, family celebrations, and special occasions. Our catering menu features a wide range of options, customizable to suit the specific needs and preferences of your event, ensuring a memorable and tasty experience for your guests.

Are there any environmental sustainability practices at Lucky Star?

Lucky Star is dedicated to environmental sustainability, implementing practices such as waste reduction, energy-efficient operations, and sustainable sourcing. We continuously seek ways to minimize our environmental impact while delivering delicious and responsibly-prepared meals to our customers.

How can feedback be provided to Lucky Star?

We welcome feedback from our customers as it helps us improve our services. Feedback can be provided through our website, via email, or directly at any of our locations. We are committed to listening to our customers and making continuous improvements based on your valuable input.

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